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My vision of the actual world and spirituality

Just like you, I am a human being on a spiritual journey; who has, however, had the chance for a few years, to know what my life purpose. In 1997, Archangel Metatron, whose energy I channeled, asked if he could work with me to raise the vibration frequency and the energy levels of humans. My answer was “yes”. I then discovered that anyone asking to live one of the rituals inspired by the Archangel would automatically benefit from an important increase in their level of vibrations. A few months later, all the cells of my physical body vibrated for a period of five to six days. It was a very strange sensation, but I intuitively knew that important transformations were taking place in my body. In 2002, the Mahatma, a Great Cosmic Lord, came to replace the Archangel, and he led me to work with energy in various ways. He guided me for the foundation of Parjina Reiki.

It then became impossible for me to join in with people who had lost hope for our humanity, because my life experience had led me to cross a threshold beyond which I could see life from a very different perspective. We can only believe that all humans carry the essence of the Source of all life, of which it is a prolongation, and will ultimately focus again on that Source to find their own Light. We know that the darkest time of the night is just before dawn, and that the veil will soon rise for humanity. For certain people on this planet, the veil has already started to lift and those who have perceived what it hides, are working to open the eyes and the heart of their close ones.

I am perfectly aware of the dramatic upheavals, the relentless hatred, the horrors of the wars, and all the conflicts that are taking place right now on this Earth. It is also obvious that Mother Earth, disturbed by the abuse, unleashes her fury more often than in the past, with devastating floods, ravaging fires, volcanic irruptions, terrible hurricanes leaving nothing on their path, and also an increase in earthquakes, all claiming an incredible amount of human lives.

Our planet, crumbling under the weight of the disrespect and insensitivity is unleashing its fury. Through its rebellions, it is imploring us to pay close attention to its repeated messages. It is acting this way for its own survival, but also to prevent imminent greater dangers. We must understand that our planet possesses self-defense mechanisms and can renew itself, and if the world continues in this destructive manner, we will have to face the consequences. The cosmic law follows the rules that our humanity has transgressed.

Moreover, certain Beings from superior dimensions tell us that 80% of the destructive activities of the elements stem from our thoughts and negative actions. Those disturbances of nature are alerts to the Awakened Minds, telling us that the only element able to re-establish and maintain the order on our planet is too often ignored. What I am talking about here is «Love» with a capital L. This Love stems from knowing that we form a WHOLE, that we are ONE with nature, with the cricket that sways on a blade of grass while rocking us with its song, ONE with each human being and ONE with the star that presides over our destiny. Such are the laws of the Universe. Each action or negative thought has an impact on the WHOLE, consequently, on each one of us. A positive thought or a gesture of love towards one of the elements that are part of the WHOLE has a favorable impact on the WHOLE. Just imagine the Love that would exist in a world where its people would share their special attributes or gifts.

Everything stems from the Universal Creative Power worthy of our respect. If you maintain this manner of thinking and vibrate in harmony with the environment, you will feel the vibration of the Unity with a multitude of frequencies which are part of our diversified WHOLE. Everything is in evolution. When this becomes part of the consciousness of humans, they will cease their destructive behaviors. Only love and wisdom must rule our actions. Is it not strange that our governments and scientists find it interesting to study life on other planets, while incapable of respecting life on Earth? St. Francis of Assisi, who is venerated like a Saint in Catholicism was, before all, a great Initiate, living fully this understanding of the interrelation between all elements. He clearly expressed it while speaking about his brothers, the sun and the wolf, of his sisters, the water and the moon, etc.

While the Earth is advancing towards the fifth dimension, will we be the ones on the forefront helping our brothers and sisters in this ascension and following the Earth in its elevation or will we be part of the crowd whose attachment to the material will restrain them to make the step? Now more than ever before, we find ourselves at the crossroads pressed to make a choice.

To have a clear understanding of the “why and how” of what is happening, we must elevate our thoughts and have a cosmic vision of the evolution of the worlds. Our Earth has many other sisters, big and small, in the vastness of the cosmos. We surely are not unique in this Universe; many other worlds are inhabited, and this, in all possible stages of evolution. All evolve towards an idealism of perfection, therefore nothing is static or lost; all is transformed, because such is the Universal law. This optimistic but realistic vision is tragically lacking for men on this Earth. This is one of the reasons why everything is so stressful, restless and vain. Humans are swimming in the tumultuous and destructive currents of confusion, error and pain.

We have now come to the end of a 26,000-year cycle, as well as a 3 billion-year cosmic cycle. This creates a possibility for evolution without precedents in the history of humanity. This era, on our small planet, is the most marvelous of our history. We are now entering a new era, where the last frontier is situated, not in space but in our spirit. Our future is filled with an unlimited potential of infinite possibilities and now re-appears the Parjina Reiki, formerly used by the Atlanteans, who had reached a level of civilization that was magnificent at its apogee. We know that the cause for its disappearance resides in the fact that an important part of the human population of that era disconnected themselves from the Whole by using their powers, then tremendous, for their own personal glory.