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In the energy realm of Parjina Reiki, picture me as someone traveling long distance by car during the night on a road lit solely by the lights of my car, being able to see only a certain distance ahead at a time. It is truly the way that it happened and is still happening on my journey with the energy. When in June of 2001, the first message came to me from the stars; I was then totally unaware that it would open the way to the arrival of new symbols.

While I was on a trip, in Egypt, my journey had taken me to Luxor, a city rich with thousands of years of history. In my hotel room, when I awakened, messages were coming to me concerning the stars. At first, they were confusing, relentless, and unclear. I went downstairs to meditate on a bench, in the shade of a big palm tree, while gazing at the Nile flowing at my feet; it was there that the communication became clear. I was in direct communication with the Pleiadian’s energy and their message was; «You are Children of the Stars. You focus much importance on the planets of your solar system without taking into account that their energies, like yours, are controlled by the stars. Some of them have more influence on your life than others, particularly, three of them. One of the three has a more direct impact on your life than the others. The time is coming when you will again have the pleasure to nourish yourself directly from the energies of the stars, like the humanities before your involution always did».

It is only two years later, that I discovered the link between our chakras and the stars, and then I really understood the nature of this food to which the message referred to. After the immersion of Atlantis 12,000 years ago, an energetic barrier was created between our chakras and their corresponding star, thus preventing the chakras to feed from their celestial bodies to which they were supposed to be linked. However, Parjina Reiki is now here to recreate this link. At the end of January 2002, I received eighteen symbols given to me by the Mahatma, a Great Cosmic Lord, whose energy I was channeling. Being aware of my profound bond to Usui Reiki, to which I had been initiated at all levels for a few years, he let me experiment with the new symbols along with the others I already had. About six months later, I received four more symbols, with the mention that the 22 new symbols were a complete and autonomous healing system, totally separate from the Usui Reiki.

When the initiations to Parjina Reiki started in March 2003, I had spent nearly fourteen months preparing the teachings. Throughout this time of inspired work, I often addressed the Superior Intelligence of the Universe to better understand the meaning of the messages received. I thus realized that the function of the Parjina Reiki was based on already existing symbols but which had sometimes been modified in their drawings to either change certain energies or to add new ones. In other instances, it was the mantra which activated the energy of the symbol which had been either lost or modified, either voluntarily or by usage. A different mantra, through its vibration, has the faculty to activate different energies contained in a symbol.

This vision of the symbols and mantras is in perfect harmony with the message I received when connected to the Atlantean’s Energy which still exists in the subtle plans. I was told that all these symbols had been widely used in Atlantis but had been deformed with time in their transmission from nation to nation. In order to again become a powerful tool for the evolution of humans, they now have recovered their initial forms and functions with their original vibrations and energies. Since at this time, everything is accelerated in energy, and our indissoluble links with the intra and extra terrestrial people are increasingly revealed, it was hoped that by the retransmission of these symbols, we would reconnect more and more to these humanities who are very close to us but who are unknown and unrecognized by most of the people living on the Earth. These symbols connect us to the Earth and the Universe.

As mentioned previously, all my knowledge concerning Parjina Reiki was neither given to me overnight, nor in a few weeks. It was permitted that I integrate the messages received and, above all, that I listen to my inner voice to complete what was already known. It was only two years after having received the symbols that I understood that, by their vibrations, they entirely covered the eight bands of frequency of the Reiki. In January 2005, when visiting the Maya sites in Mexico, in a message, the Mahatma informed me that because of the urgency to raise the vibrations of humans, each sequence of the Parjina Reiki could now be given to initiates after three weeks of integration of the previous sequence. He also assured me that a special energy would be sent to initiates, to activate the integration of these symbols.

At the end of November 2006, I was informed that because of the arrival of 2007, it was time to bring a change to one of the symbols (which would raise its vibration by 75%). At the end of the following Spring, everything was in place to open the thirteenth and last vortal (vortex allowing communication between the energy of the Earth and the Universe) and portal (opening on a star allowing communication of its energy with the Earth) which the Mahatma had requested me to create along the St. Lawrence River. (This request had reminded me of the vision of the energetic sites built along the Nile which had formed the chakras of ancient Egypt). This opening, which was in relation with the modified symbol, was created in June 2007 and it strengthened the twelve other vortals previously opened over a period of three years. Since then, the initiate can call for and feel an additional healing energy coming from the star which nourishes each of his chakras. This explains the meaning of the message coming from the stars received at Luxor in Egypt in 2001.

After being initiated to the symbols of Parjina Reiki, we can trace each one and consciously call for its healing power. We can then bring the possibility of a holistic healing superior to that of the past for all individuals desiring to progress. The five sequences of Parjina Reiki, one after the other, give access to the higher bands of frequency until all eight bands of frequency are covered. Parjina Reiki is there for all humans who wish to accelerate their healing process, raise their conscience to the level of the fifth dimension, and be part of this new humanity long awaited for by the Servants of the Light. To my knowledge, no other holistic healing system allows for such a rapid spiritual elevation, an elevation which I can measure on a scale to which I was inspired by Archangel Metatron in 1997 and to which I refer to regularly since.

The access to the conscience of the fifth dimension is effective when the twelve steps of evolution of our body of Light are completed. Before 1988, no human could reach this before going through the death of the physical body. This ascension was then permitted by the Beings of Light working for the Source who wanted to experiment the new energies.

The Source can be pictured as a diamond with thousands of facets which each contain a different energy. All humans exposed to the power and strength of these energies would be immediately destroyed. These energies come down upon us in graduated steps and lower their intensity so as to render them accessible. In the case of Parjina Reiki, these filtered energies are distributed to us by the stars which nourish our chakras. History indicates that the ancient most evolved people were in relation with the stars. The revelations from certain Beings on the Superior Plans teach us that Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades and other stars occupying constellations, such as Andromeda and Orion etc. have contributed in different ways to the evolution of mankind. Who, among us, has not experienced an elevation of all his Being just by gazing at a star filled sky?

We now know that all is inter-related in the Universe and we will more easily seize the nature of this relationship between man and his celestial bodies in a short time, we hope. Whatever may happen, we do not have to understand everything about the nature of Parjina Reiki to enjoy its benefits, as we do not have to understand the fundamental law of electricity to utilize it. This energy is there to harmonize us, to heal us and to elevate our level of conscience to the fifth dimension and more. Let us not who we are now, stop us from becoming who we could be.

I feel an immense gratitude towards the Mahatma, this great Cosmic Lord, bearer of the energies of the twelve beams of Light, for having transmitted these symbols to me and my absolute recognition also goes to Thoth, the Atlantean, who knew how to proceed to send them out of a continent on the path to immersion to make them available to Humanity.

To compensate for the negative messages transmitted by the medias which deeply impregnate the collective unconscious, I look forward to the day when everyone will know that an increasing number of humans, actually living anonymously, can sincerely affirm that: “We only have one desire, TO BE, only one will, TO LOVE, and only one thought, TO SERVE.

Mario Roy , founder of Parjina Reiki.