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[ A description of Parjina Reiki, the way it functions and the results. ]
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A description of Parjina Reiki, the way it functions and the results.

Parjina Reiki
These two words mean “ Primordial Wisdom of the Universal Life Force”

Parjina Reiki is therefore the Primordial Wisdom of the Universal Life Force that provides humans with a golden key opening the door onto a fast lane for their evolution, while allowing them to re-establish contact with an inner dimension which was or forgotten. It constitutes a vehicle towards the 5 th dimension where we gradually recover all our lost powers.

The Parjina Reiki comprises 22 symbols perfectly adapted to the new energies and planetary vibrations. These symbols hold within themselves a precise encoding which is transmitted during the course of an initiation by a Certified Parjina Reiki Master. All initiates can, at will, draw from this inexhaustible source of energy after having received the required initiations.

The Parjina Reiki significantly increases the healing energy on all levels, each symbol having a particular function which acts simultaneous on many areas of the body. Each symbol is specifically related either to a chakra, an organ or a system of the human body, while being closely connected to the subtle bodies.

The Parjina Reiki is comprised of three levels, taught in five sequences of symbols. The first level has one sequence of four symbols. The second level has two sequences of four symbols. The third level has one sequence of six symbols and a last sequence of four symbols. Each of the sequences comes with teaching of the symbols and an initiation. A minimum integration period of 21 days is required between each sequence of symbols transmitted
Parjina Reiki represents the purest form of Divine Love. It is not part of any sect or dogma, and requires no specific belief in a Supreme Being. This Universal Life Force is inherent to the natural and holistic healing system of Parjina Reiki heals the body and the emotions by bringing them back into harmony, thus restoring health, happiness, prosperity and longevity.

Do not let who you are infringe
on who you could be.

Initiations to Parjina Reiki are given on demand, individually or in groups, according to the wishes and availability of the person.
energie parjina

Parjina Reiki contacts and awakens within us a holistic self-healing energy, acting on all levels. Our level of consciousness which increases, gradually leads us to understand the universal laws, thus unveiling who we really are – a Being of Light and Love. This Love, which should first be directed towards ourselves to then radiate onto others, carries an understanding and a knowledge linked to the intelligence of the heart. Its growth is increased through the repeated use of Parjina Reiki that possesses a powerful transformative power. It eliminates the energy that has become obsolete, replacing it by an Energy of Light that transforms our cells. The practice of Parjina Reiki requires a commitment towards ourself and becomes a way of life. Its power is unlimited; its only limitations are the ones we impose on it.

The healing energy transmitted in a physical body of a receiver recharges and revitalizes the affected areas of the body. Its work is done in a subtle but effective manner. The muscular and emotional blockages have no alternative but to give way, faced with the additional and repeated influx of this energy, which also acts on the subtle bodies. The more we use it, the faster the old energies are released. Our increased level of vibrations also grants us access to more elevated healing powers. Evolution is impossible without detaching and letting go. The energy transmitted is proportional to the depth, the width and the purity of the channel transmitting it.

An illness declared incurable by the medical profession, means that it is curable only from the inside. For the Universe, everything is possible. All the so-called incurable diseases, at one point or another, were cured. The problems felt in the physical body have a psychological source. Parjina Reiki facilitates the necessary change in attitude towards life, thus leading to lasting results. Parjina Reiki only requires the laying on of the hands in order to be transmitted. The laying of hands takes here a real spiritual dimension. As long as the true dynamics of the person and his quest to find his destiny can be touched, in all senses of the word, the goal of a session will be to restore the person’s inner harmony, regardless of his social/cultural conditioning, as well as the compromises made in his personal history. Parjina Reiki, in spite of its simplicity, can trigger some deep soul searching, needed for the person’s own evolution.

We all know of people practicing beneficial techniques for the human body that balance, harmonize or activate already existing energies. However, because there is no new intake of energy, these methods have limited effects on the increase of the vibratory frequency. The absorption of Parjina Reiki’s energy in the affected areas of the body works on all levels. The blockages that are the source of illnesses vibrate at an inferior frequency to that of the energy being transmitted, and they have no other choice but to yield the way to the higher vibration. Parjina Reiki energy is endowed with its own intelligence that goes beyond our understanding; it directs itself where there is a need, whether in the physical or subtle bodies. Recharging or purifying the chakras, harmonizing the aura or the subtle bodies, come to the same results.

When the practitioner transmits the energy of Parjina Reiki, he must first remove his limited self from the process so as to feel what is happening in his hands, in the receiver or himself, as far as a self-treatment is concerned. He must trust and abandon himself to this intelligent energy. The technique is very simple because this energy has a very high vibratory level, since all that is elevated is simplified. The practitioner is simply a transmission channel (opened through initiation) for the energy and cannot claim the merits of a healing. This energy enters through the crown chakra, goes down to the solar plexus, passing through the heart chakra. It then goes down to the arms and the hands, which are a prolongation of the heart. That is why part of the heart symbol is included in the symbol of the hands.

The healing energy always requires the practitioner to be in a state of receptiveness of mind with an aptitude to share the Life Force. If this is developed through practice, it is also the outcome of soul searching and a serious commitment. This energetic method is available to everyone, but it would be an illusion to think that the simple fact of being initiated to Parjina Reiki does not require any effort on our part. It will not take in charge your evolution without any contribution on your part however a regular practice leads you on the path of an immeasurable transformation on all levels of your Being. The light, this intelligence and primordial energy at the Source of the Universe, requires from all humans to carry out their destiny. By channeling it as a life purpose for healing and re-harmonizing others, the practitioner works simultaneously on his evolution, so he can then pass on this knowledge to others. Parjina Reiki is a powerful Light energy healing force; it also has a catalyst effect for inner transformation. It is up to us to be open to it.

Parjina Reiki is different from other healing methods through an initiation (called harmonization, in that it triggers a resonance) by which the student familiarizes himself with the different stages of his acquisition. By the laying of the hands, anyone gifted with a high magnetic current, has the capacity to favor the acceleration of a healing process. However, anyone who has been initiated to Parjina Reiki experiences a very ancient technique destined to bring the physical and the etheric bodies to a superior level of vibration. Furthermore, some of the energetic centers, called chakras, are awakened, allowing for a larger quantity of the Vital Energy to circulate.

Parjina Reiki is channeled by the practitioner, however, it is not transmitted by him but absorbed by the body of the receiver who will attract only the necessary quantity required in the deficient areas. Not only is the practitioner never depleted of his energy during the exchange, but he also gets to keep a part of the energy passing through his channel. The excess follows the meridians of the arms and hands to penetrate the body of the receiver who never draws from the practitioner’s energy thereby preventing him from being affected by the blockages or the negative energies of the practitioner. Parjina Reiki borrows a purified channel opened during the initiation of the practitioner.

Once the body is liberated from the areas of tension, we can notice a definite bioplasmic glow (energy going through the physical body). It is important to mention that the results of the treatments vary from one person to another, and that the determining factor is the receiver himself.

Each individual absorbs only the amount of Vital Energy necessary to free, activate or transform the energy of their physical or subtle bodies. Parjina Reiki allows the modification in the chemical structure of the bodies, through the regeneration of the organs, the formation of tissues or bone matter. Moreover it favors mental balance. It is not a belief system that requires instructions or preparation on the part of the receiver; the desire to receive and accept the energy is sufficient.

Some scientists, that have access to ultra sensitive equipment able to measure the energy flow entering the body, were able to determine that the energy penetrates the practitioner’s body through the top of the head (the Crown chakra) to emanate from his hands. The energy flow comes from the north (or from the south if you are located under the Equator). We found out that this energy, when activated, adopts a spiral shape that moves in the opposite direction of the trajectory of the Sun. It can be compared to the spiral pattern in the double-helix configuration of the DNA, this inherited substance of the human genetic.

Parjina Reiki is a method of care in the broad sense of the word. It is not part of any dogma or doctrine, nor is it associated to any religion, or spirituality or the occult. There is no invocation of ghosts, or bad spirits. We have no interest in hypnosis, or any other kind of psychological techniques. Practicing Parjina Reiki will not make a magician or an exorcist out of you. The only tools you will need are your hands to transmit a neutral but concentrated form of cosmic energy. Parjina Reiki is nothing but a very ancient healing science that has fallen into oblivion, and has been rediscovered at the beginning of the third millennium. This universal energy science has enduring and stable characteristics. It is cumulative, and infused with a fortifying and expansive power. Parjina Reiki is transmitted with the hands and the eyes. Acting directly from where you are, it sends its benefits where you want them sent. The symbols work because of the initiations received. They are impregnated in the unconscious, the subtle bodies and the crown chakra.

What happens when our system receives Parjina Reiki

The influx of cosmic energy transmitted by Parjina Reiki causes a shift of consciousness from the negative zone towards the positive. The self-healing process is therefore triggered and activated. A daily practice of Parjina Reiki is the same as repeating every day: “I want to be in good health”; it creates a positive level of consciousness. Opening ourself to life’s energy is equivalent to opening ourself to love and the soul of a person can only be healed through love. There is no greater power than love in the Universe. This emotion carries with it the highest level of frequency that you can emit and nothing penetrates any deeper. It brings about healing, not only for the body and the spirit, but also for the soul. People who know the great secret of love know the most important secret of life, the one that reveals this important truth, “you are not only your body, you are pure consciousness”. To live in this state of pure consciousness, is to live in bliss and harmony with the Source.

When a person is ill, he has a choice between exploring his spirit to find the cause of the illness, or resort to medicine. It would be a wise choice to join both options when the situation is life threatening. We cannot refuse traditional medicine; all healing systems have their place. Healing with the spirit can be a harmonious combination with traditional medicine, or with other alternative medicines. By discovering Parjina Reiki we rediscover the properties of an energy treating people’s worries, bringing harmony back into their everyday lives. Certain symbols open the cellular memory to facilitate neutralizing harmful programming that has become obsolete and continues to affect our lives. This opening allows us to create new positive programmings that will manifest themselves in our daily lives. Other symbols abolish time and space, allowing us to send healing energy at a distance to the people who ask for it. Even if they reside at the other end of the world, they will receive it just as if they were next to us.

People who use Parjina Reiki discover that this energy is infinitely intelligent. This kind of love, omnipresent throughout the Universe, is limitless in its healing, creative and inspirational potentials. Parjina Reiki is more than a simple healing touch, it can become a daily meditating tool, an inspirational technique, a spiritual path and, for many people, it becomes a way of life. Experience proves that the more you use it, the higher your vibration frequencies become. When you vibrate at a higher level, not only do you contribute to help the Earth to reach a higher level of consciousness, but you also raise yours. When we attain and maintain those high levels of consciousness, we create the opening to a spiritual inspiration that we have never known existed before. Through this opening, some people will receive new systems for healing, new symbols or new techniques which will assist them in the emergence of the spiritual revival.

Recent scientific theories recognize the teachings of Ancient Wisdom regarding the nature of this Universal Vital Energy force. The modern physic has made us aware of this significant vitality that permeates all life form. Not long ago, we considered that all minerals were lifeless matter. It is now recognized that the simple stone is created from a complex and intelligent interaction of a multitude of forces. Compared with the infinite dimension of the Universe, doesn’t a stone appear microscopic? What must we think of the simplicity of its structure compared to the human body which consists of one hundred thousand billions of cells. These cells possess at least 100,000 different genes along the spirals of the DNA strands. We now know that every one of these microscopic cells contains all the genetic information of our body.

If we could unravel each one of these spirals and join them end to end, the total length would attain more than 120 billions of kilometers, or 800 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun. All the molecular chains of the DNA could be contained in a nutshell! We could play a long time with these statistics and comparisons. They however provide us with an idea of the tremendous energy generated by all these forms of life.

What must we think of the intelligence that gives them form and structure? Can the theory that the materialistic view point that would expect the Universe and life outcome of coincidences be sustained? Can an inanimate object give birth to consciousness, the spirit and the soul? Science is yet faced with this unanswered question. In spite of all these questions, some scientists have acknowledged, through their research, that there could be no explanation other than that of the obvious presence of a Superior Intelligence: a Universal Spirit that, through Himself, constantly recreates the Universe.

During the last centuries, the work and discoveries of the quantic physicians have brought us a more extensive knowledge of the incommensurable powers of creation of the human spirit. They have established a true parallel between the messages left by the Old Wise Men and the Great Thinkers of all times. For those who are initiated to Parjina Reiki, it is gratifying to see that the discoveries of the quantum physic and the new science are in harmony with the teachings and the knowledge of all the Great Masters who have preceded us. The study of quantum physic is a tremendous help in understanding the teaching of the Great Masters at an energetic level. The beliefs of many people are therefore reinforced faced with the correlation between their knowledge and the theories of the new science. For example, regarding the theory of the super gravitation, there exist a perfectly balanced field in relation only with itself. This pure intelligence field gives birth to all constitutive matters of the creation.

This theory is in harmony with the thousands of years-old teachings of the Wise Men and the Enlightened. They testify to the existence of a Living Presence responsible for all that was created, and where all life finds its origin. The energy of this Living Presence exists in all things. It is this energy, in a concentrated form that goes through our hands when giving a Parjina Reiki treatment. This method of energy transmission is, more concretely, a holistic practice. Not only does this art comprises all the registers of the existence, but it also tends to reinstate the balance between them.

Parjina Reiki is endowed with a wisdom much greater than ours because it directs itself throughout the body of the receiver. It knows exactly where to go and how it must be treated. It always acts with the necessary intensity for the treatment without its effect having to be increased or diminished. It is felt as an enormous love; this unifying force that leads us to a more intimate unity with the Great Whole. The role passed on to humanity is to engrave this unity in a living reality. Love is the original seat of the soul. With love, the soul becomes like a drop of water blending in the vast ocean of the Being, to finally find the union that embraces knowledge and wisdom, creativity and harmony, as well as self-realization and the eternal tranquility.

Parjina Reiki is the infinite Love from the Source which is the healing power of the Universe and we all know that the Source is unlimited. With it, we can attain levels of consciousness as elevated as those of the humans who engaged their lives in a spiritual quest. Isn’t it perfectly normal that we are also able to access to higher healing powers?

We rarely see the types of miracles that Jesus and Buddha executed when they restored the sight to a blind person and healed the paraplegics; we know however that those miracles existed. It is therefore certain, that at some time in our history, the healers were working at a higher level of consciousness which allowed them to gain access to higher healing energy frequencies. While science searches for new methods of medical treatments, the people initiated to Parjina Reiki discover new methods which help humans to better live their daily lives. As long as we can help the people with this practice, each day we will discover a little more that the potential of this energy is limitless.